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About Experian Credit Snapshot

Experian has joined together with participating lenders and credit grantors to provide a free, personalized Experian Credit Snapshot to qualifying consumers. Visit the members page for a list of participating businesses.

Credit Snapshot Includes:

  • Overview of 9 important items on your credit report
  • Summary of your total balances and late payments
  • Summary of your personal information and public records
  • No cost

Do I qualify:

You may be eligible to view a free Credit Snapshot if one of our participating members has accessed your Experian credit report as a result of your initial application for credit (e.g. applying for a credit card or a loan) within the last 60 days. To protect consumers, all users must register for Experian ConnectSM and verify their identity to determine eligibility.

Some participating members may use credit reports from several consumer reporting agencies. Ask your lender if they accessed your Experian credit report.

Get Started

If a participating member accesses a copy of your Experian credit information, you may qualify to view your free personalized Experian Credit Snapshot. Visit the members page to see a list of participating members.

By the way, our Experian Credit Snapshot is powered by Experian ConnectSM. This means that you will also have access to our Experian Credit Report & VantageScore and the ability to share your credit report for $19.95 for a full 30 days from the day of purchase. There's no obligation to buy anything to become a member of Experian Connect, and your Experian Credit Snapshot is free for qualified consumers. For more information regarding Experian Connect, please review the Experian Connect Terms and Conditions.

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