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You will be requesting credit reports safely and securely.

  • Create an account

    Provide some personal information along with your desired account credentials.

    Your Social Security number is requested and is used to help verify your identity. It is never redisplayed anywhere or to anyone.

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  • Verify your identity

    You will be presented with a few questions that only you should know the answers to.

    It may be necessary to have some of your credit account details with you at the time of registering to answer the questions correctly.

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  • Make a connection

    Request access to someone else's credit report and score from your dashboard.

    All you will need is a person's name and email address when you are requesting temporary access to their credit report and score.

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  • View credit profiles

    We will notify you when someone has granted you access to their credit report.

    The person granting access pays a one-time fee of $14.95 and can make their credit report and score available to you for up to 30 days.

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  • Thats it!